Baptiste’s story in London


My name is Baptiste Druaux, I am 20 years old and I am from France where I live in the countryside close to Paris. I am studying Business in the IPAG Business School in Paris and for my third year of study I must go abroad to work and study. I am currently doing an internship in YourHouseLondon and that is why I am in London for four months until December. I am living in Pimlico where I share a small flat with a friend. I am going to tell you my London adventure and what I think of my life in London in this short article!

Why have I chosen to come in London?

Basically, I have chosen to come in London because I have always wanted to discover this world known city. Its culture, its monuments and its History have always interested me and the possibility to come in London to work this year for my studies was the perfect occasion.


London is also known to be a very dynamic city for business and young workers so it was very interesting for me. As I really wanted to work in London, I have contacted a lot of companies to find one that could offer me the internship I was looking for. That is how I met Ana, who trusted me and which I am working with as Marketing assistant. To say it in a simpler way, I have always been attracted by London and that is why I have chosen to come and work here.


What do I think of my life in London for now?


For the moment, my experience in London is amazing. The life in this huge city is even better that what I was thinking.


Firstly, the city is really nice, it is a lot different from Paris (that I love too) where I have studied for two years. There are gorgeous greenspaces everywhere, sometimes, when you are in a park, you don’t even feel that you are in UK’s biggest city. There are so much different landscapes in London, from the skyscrapers of business districts like Square Mile, to huge greenspaces like Hyde Park or even the awesome views of the riverside, you have always something new to discover around a corner in London!


Then, they are so much things to see in London! Famous monuments like the Tower Bridge, the Westminster Abbey or BigBen but also museums, parks or famous places like Covent Garden or the Borough Market. You can lose yourself in some areas and discover places you haven’t even heard about. You can discover awesome places even during the evening. Some areas like Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus are superb by night, they are really animated and it’s a pleasure to have a walk there with all the pubs, shops, tourists and street artists.


Transports are also a good surprise. As London is a huge city, I was afraid to be lost in the underground or in an isolated area but not at all. You can go everywhere with the public transports, it is quite simple to find your way and you can use every transport with a single card: The Oyster Card. The only shortcoming is that transport fees are expensive if you want to move a lot, but it’s the price of total freedom in London!


Finally, I am very happy of my first two months in London! I love what I am doing in my company and I am eager to discover the rest of the places I haven’t visited yet with my family and friends.


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