Going abroad. Maria's story.


My name is Maria Fabregas, I am from Barcelona and I am 21 years old. I am currently in the third year of a Business and Management bachelor’s degree.

When I started the university, I thought about going abroad to do an Erasmus exchange just to have new experiences and to meet new people. But one day, someone at university told me about another opportunity of going abroad and having the same and even more good experiences. I have never listened about Erasmus internship programme but when I did, I completely knew that I was going to do it, instead of going abroad just to study. I think that this programme offers you the opportunity of going abroad, knowing new cultures, new different forms of working and meeting people around the world. So, six months ago I started to think about make my dream come true. I thought that London was the very best option because it’s one of the most important places when it comes to Business and it could offer me a big range of different opportunities. Furthermore, I wanted to improve my English so what’s better than doing a 100% language immersion?

When I started to make the applications, I got a little bit overwhelmed due to the huge number of different offers that I found. I knew that I would have to put all
my efforts, it was going to be difficult but not impossible. Not after so many interviews I had the luck of talking with Ana. I really wanted to be part of a company like hers, with the young and familiar spirit of a start-up, and Ana gave me the opportunity to start my adventure at Your House London during the three summer months. I started to prepare all the stuff that I need to arrive to London with my best friend, who was coming under the same programme to another company. I spoke to Ana to get an accommodation for me and my friend and she recommended me a very nice and big house. It is situated near the Greenwich area which is a very nice connected area with green parks and all kind of stores you could need.

I arrived in London only three days ago and I can’t wait to discover all the amazing places that this city has to offer. I live in a big city so I am used to long distances and crowded places but London plays in another league. All I can say is that I am completely amazed and thankful of being here.

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