London has given me the push ...


    As a student who craves adventure and has aspirations for a career in the Real Estate field, my first summer as a University student held so much potential, it was overwhelming. The thought of returning to my quaint home town of Guelph, Ontario for four months was repulsive, but with such a vague idea of my hopes for the future, I was unsure how to put myself "out there" professionally, to kick-start a career and put in place a "plan". My desire to explore everything this world has to offer was sparked by a three month study-abroad program last spring, and has made anything other than travelling and exploring seem irrelevant and uninteresting. From the moment I got home after 90 days of gallivanting around Europe, I knew that spending extended periods of time at home was simply not an option. And so, a few short months ago, I made the best decision of my life and applied for an International Internship. I contacted a placement company called "The Intern Group" that connected me to YourHouse London, and the rest is history.
    My name is Alyssa Woods and I am a student attending Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. I am a Human Geography major, who is also completing a World Languages minor and Business Certification. I am striving to create a career in the Real Estate sector - allowing me to combine my love of customer service with my passion for travel and international relations. YourHouse London has provided me with the most incredible opportunity to put this dream into action and learn from some incredibly knowledgeable individuals, whilst discovering England's Capital. 
    London has always intrigued me. Its combination of historical charm and industrial power makes it a city unlike any other, which made it the perfect destination for my internship. I never could have dreamed of falling in love with a city the way that I have with London. Since the moment I touched down at Gatwick Airport after a long and lonely red-eye flight, I haven't been able to shake the feeling of pure admiration and excitement. 
    I have always known that I thrive in large, challenging environments and London has provided me with the opportunity to be a "small fish in a big pond". With more to discover and conquer than anyone could ever dream of accomplishing, I find myself learning and discovering constantly and my love for this city continues to grow with every day that I spend here. 
    London is one of the best cities in the world for so many reasons. My personal favourite aspect of this thriving city is that you are never more than five steps away from coffee. Food is a culture all of its own here and each meal is a full event. From England's signature 'High Tea', composed of mini sandwiches, exquisite desserts and an endless supply of bubbly, to truly delicious greasy street food found on every corner … if you are passionate about food like I am, London will not let you down. Grabbing drinks after work is equally as natural to Londoners, and the countless rooftop restaurants and bars are the perfect destination to catch up with friends, while overlooking the bustling city. Additionally, London's transportation system is unrivalled. The complex interrelation of the Underground (Tube) System, the Overground Trains and the frequent busses makes it surprisingly easy to navigate and they can get you anywhere and everywhere in the city, through the simple "tap" of your Oyster card. Further, London is an urban forest, where green spaces make up nearly 50% of the metropolitan area. Parks, gardens, fields of flowers, playgrounds and school yards are prevalent and make for magical picnics, refreshing walks or peaceful getaways from the bustle of the city. Many green spaces, however, are much more than open spaces - for example, Hyde Park, London's most famous green area, offers a wide variety of activities (biking, horseback riding, paddle boating etc.) and hosts dozens of events year round.
    London is so much more than the home of the Royal Family and the center for historical landmarks. There is simply so much going on that it is impossible to know it all, and that is what makes London truly mysteriously charming. You will never discover it all or know it all.
    Working with Ana and the rest of the YourHouse London team has been a dream and I am learning more than I could have ever imagined. The company's dedication to their clients, London and its growth and development is a rare find in such a competitive industry. I have truly been taken under Ana's wing, attending house viewings and learning about the’ behind the scenes’ processes of buying, selling and renting. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to make use of my creative and technological skills, expanding social media marketing and development, filming and creating tenant testimonials and broadcasting client’s experiences. 
    London has given me the push that I didn't know I needed and I can't wait to continue exploring and learning about this magnificent city. I am already picking up the English "slang" and humour, and hope that my remaining two months lead me to develop a British accent!

- Alyssa Woods, student at Queen's University, Canada

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