Roxane's story in London City

My name is Roxane Chapillon I am 19 years old, I live in the Parisian suburbs. I am currently in 3rd years of business school at IPAG in Paris and for this year I have to do 1 year of expatriation internship and university. I am in London for an internship that I do at YourHouseLondon for 4 month until december.This internship will permit to me to improve my english.
I live in Bermondsey where I share a flat with 5 people.

I chose London to do my internship because it's a lively city, full of history and it's a young city. There is always something to do or to see here.
I think that at the end of my internship there will still be so many places that I will have seen or visited.
London weren't my first choice for my internship but now I have no regrets for choosing London as a destination for my first semester.

I am arrived 1 month ago in London alone and I never left my parents for such a long time so the first days were a little bit complicated for me then I have met my news flatmates, they are amzing. I was scared about london transport but finally it is very simple, you can go everywhere with the transports. I have took the Oyster card because it's more simple and cheaper than buy a ticket each day and you can take all of the transports with this one (bus, tube, railway).
For the moment I really love this city and I wish  everyone  to come at least once to visit or lie in this extraordinary city.
Do not hesitate to contact us by email fo any information at We will be happy to assist you in finding your accomodation.

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