Having a life experience in London is a privilege!


My story with London began in 2012 when, living in Spain, my best friend Flor and I had decided to move to the capital of England to look for more job opportunities. I had never thought of living in London because I felt that the sunlessness and coldness of people were very different from my personality and desires. I was wrong!
And on the morning of 13th of January 2013, I landed here for the first time. The city surprised me (and surprises every day until today).

I lived in a house shared with 5 other girls in a beautiful building in the neighborhood of Wandsworth Town (South West London) for 2 months and there I made my first friendships in the city. My happiness with one of the most incredible capitals in the world was mixed with the concerns of the early days, solving bureaucratic issues of home and documentation, job search and the feeling of changing country and begin to adapt.

And 20 days later, I got a job at the accommodation company that rented my room. That's when I started to use my knowledge of training and experience in the area of communication (I graduated in Public Relations) for the area of properties, improving the service of companies that rent rooms and consequently the quality of life of people.
I was thrilled with the possibility of researching information from the city, analyzing the behavior of those who move to here and helping all those who have the dream of living abroad or are starting a life in London. From there, in 2015, was born Steps to Fly,  a company that offers complete ebooks and coaching preparation and receptive advice in the city.

And in January 2018, I completed 5 years here. London is a city that opens and closes doors, but above all, that teaches us to become stronger every day. A city covered with parks, bars, events, museums, people from all over the world. A city where cultures blend and everyone seeks to find "their London" amidst the chaos of the City or the tranquility of Richmond Park. 

Having a life experience in London is a privilege!

- Roberta Weber Calabró, Brazilian living in London since January 2013.

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