Elisa's story in London

My name is Elisa and I’m 21 years old. I come from a little village in the north of Italy on Lake Maggiore, one hour far from the big city of Milan where I’m attending the 3th and last year of university.

Since I was I child I always wanted to study languages that’s why I decided to attend first a foreign language high school and then a university course which focuses both on languages and economic subjects.

Following my passion for languages I decided to look for an internship far from home both because I wanted to improve my English skills and I was looking for an experience that could make me grow. After a lot of researches on the internet I finally found the best internship ever for the company Your House London where now I’m working close to the founder Ana, who is a very nice and helpful person. In short, the best boss I have ever had!

Not only am I in love with the work I’m doing here but I’m also in love with London city. It’s such a big city that even if I’m here alone I can’t feel lonely. There are always people walking in the streets coming from all over the world and that make you feel like home. Moreover you can’t even get bored because it’s full of activities you can do like visiting museums, going for a walk in one of the big parks or simply go for a coffee in a café (even if it’s not like the Italian one!!).

Honestly, I was a little bit scared when I decided to leave but now, even if it’s only 2 weeks I’m here, I’m happy and I think this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’m sure this experience will be useful for my professional future but also for me as a person because I’m learning to do everything only by myself with no one helping me.

My advice for students like me is not to be scared to leave places you know and just look for something new!

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Baptiste’s story in London

My name is Baptiste Druaux, I am 20 years old and I am from France where I live in the countryside close to Paris. I am studying Business in the IPAG Business School in Paris and for my third year of study I must go abroad to work and study. I am currently doing an internship in YourHouseLondon and that is why I am in London for four months until December. I am living in Pimlico where I share a small flat with a friend. I am going to tell you my London adventure and what I think of my life in London in this short article!

Why have I chosen to come in London?

Basically, I have chosen to come in London because I have always wanted to discover this world known city. Its culture, its monuments and its History have always interested me and the possibility to come in London to work this year for my studies was the perfect occasion.


London is also known to be a very dynamic city for business and young workers so it was very interesting for me. As I really wanted to work in London, I have contacted a lot of companies to find one that could offer me the internship I was looking for. That is how I met Ana, who trusted me and which I am working with as Marketing assistant. To say it in a simpler way, I have always been attracted by London and that is why I have chosen to come and work here.


What do I think of my life in London for now?


For the moment, my experience in London is amazing. The life in this huge city is even better that what I was thinking.


Firstly, the city is really nice, it is a lot different from Paris (that I love too) where I have studied for two years. There are gorgeous greenspaces everywhere, sometimes, when you are in a park, you don’t even feel that you are in UK’s biggest city. There are so much different landscapes in London, from the skyscrapers of business districts like Square Mile, to huge greenspaces like Hyde Park or even the awesome views of the riverside, you have always something new to discover around a corner in London!


Then, they are so much things to see in London! Famous monuments like the Tower Bridge, the Westminster Abbey or BigBen but also museums, parks or famous places like Covent Garden or the Borough Market. You can lose yourself in some areas and discover places you haven’t even heard about. You can discover awesome places even during the evening. Some areas like Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus are superb by night, they are really animated and it’s a pleasure to have a walk there with all the pubs, shops, tourists and street artists.


Transports are also a good surprise. As London is a huge city, I was afraid to be lost in the underground or in an isolated area but not at all. You can go everywhere with the public transports, it is quite simple to find your way and you can use every transport with a single card: The Oyster Card. The only shortcoming is that transport fees are expensive if you want to move a lot, but it’s the price of total freedom in London!


Finally, I am very happy of my first two months in London! I love what I am doing in my company and I am eager to discover the rest of the places I haven’t visited yet with my family and friends.


Do not hesitate to follow us on our social medias and particularly on Instagram (@yourhouselondon) where I post my pictures of London almost every day!



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Having a life experience in London is a privilege!

My story with London began in 2012 when, living in Spain, my best friend Flor and I had decided to move to the capital of England to look for more job opportunities. I had never thought of living in London because I felt that the sunlessness and coldness of people were very different from my personality and desires. I was wrong!
And on the morning of 13th of January 2013, I landed here for the first time. The city surprised me (and surprises every day until today).

I lived in a house shared with 5 other girls in a beautiful building in the neighborhood of Wandsworth Town (South West London) for 2 months and there I made my first friendships in the city. My happiness with one of the most incredible capitals in the world was mixed with the concerns of the early days, solving bureaucratic issues of home and documentation, job search and the feeling of changing country and begin to adapt.

And 20 days later, I got a job at the accommodation company that rented my room. That's when I started to use my knowledge of training and experience in the area of communication (I graduated in Public Relations) for the area of properties, improving the service of companies that rent rooms and consequently the quality of life of people.
I was thrilled with the possibility of researching information from the city, analyzing the behavior of those who move to here and helping all those who have the dream of living abroad or are starting a life in London. From there, in 2015, was born Steps to Fly,  a company that offers complete ebooks and coaching preparation and receptive advice in the city.

And in January 2018, I completed 5 years here. London is a city that opens and closes doors, but above all, that teaches us to become stronger every day. A city covered with parks, bars, events, museums, people from all over the world. A city where cultures blend and everyone seeks to find "their London" amidst the chaos of the City or the tranquility of Richmond Park. 

Having a life experience in London is a privilege!

- Roberta Weber Calabró, Brazilian living in London since January 2013.

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London has given me the push ...

    As a student who craves adventure and has aspirations for a career in the Real Estate field, my first summer as a University student held so much potential, it was overwhelming. The thought of returning to my quaint home town of Guelph, Ontario for four months was repulsive, but with such a vague idea of my hopes for the future, I was unsure how to put myself "out there" professionally, to kick-start a career and put in place a "plan". My desire to explore everything this world has to offer was sparked by a three month study-abroad program last spring, and has made anything other than travelling and exploring seem irrelevant and uninteresting. From the moment I got home after 90 days of gallivanting around Europe, I knew that spending extended periods of time at home was simply not an option. And so, a few short months ago, I made the best decision of my life and applied for an International Internship. I contacted a placement company called "The Intern Group" that connected me to YourHouse London, and the rest is history.
    My name is Alyssa Woods and I am a student attending Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. I am a Human Geography major, who is also completing a World Languages minor and Business Certification. I am striving to create a career in the Real Estate sector - allowing me to combine my love of customer service with my passion for travel and international relations. YourHouse London has provided me with the most incredible opportunity to put this dream into action and learn from some incredibly knowledgeable individuals, whilst discovering England's Capital. 
    London has always intrigued me. Its combination of historical charm and industrial power makes it a city unlike any other, which made it the perfect destination for my internship. I never could have dreamed of falling in love with a city the way that I have with London. Since the moment I touched down at Gatwick Airport after a long and lonely red-eye flight, I haven't been able to shake the feeling of pure admiration and excitement. 
    I have always known that I thrive in large, challenging environments and London has provided me with the opportunity to be a "small fish in a big pond". With more to discover and conquer than anyone could ever dream of accomplishing, I find myself learning and discovering constantly and my love for this city continues to grow with every day that I spend here. 
    London is one of the best cities in the world for so many reasons. My personal favourite aspect of this thriving city is that you are never more than five steps away from coffee. Food is a culture all of its own here and each meal is a full event. From England's signature 'High Tea', composed of mini sandwiches, exquisite desserts and an endless supply of bubbly, to truly delicious greasy street food found on every corner … if you are passionate about food like I am, London will not let you down. Grabbing drinks after work is equally as natural to Londoners, and the countless rooftop restaurants and bars are the perfect destination to catch up with friends, while overlooking the bustling city. Additionally, London's transportation system is unrivalled. The complex interrelation of the Underground (Tube) System, the Overground Trains and the frequent busses makes it surprisingly easy to navigate and they can get you anywhere and everywhere in the city, through the simple "tap" of your Oyster card. Further, London is an urban forest, where green spaces make up nearly 50% of the metropolitan area. Parks, gardens, fields of flowers, playgrounds and school yards are prevalent and make for magical picnics, refreshing walks or peaceful getaways from the bustle of the city. Many green spaces, however, are much more than open spaces - for example, Hyde Park, London's most famous green area, offers a wide variety of activities (biking, horseback riding, paddle boating etc.) and hosts dozens of events year round.
    London is so much more than the home of the Royal Family and the center for historical landmarks. There is simply so much going on that it is impossible to know it all, and that is what makes London truly mysteriously charming. You will never discover it all or know it all.
    Working with Ana and the rest of the YourHouse London team has been a dream and I am learning more than I could have ever imagined. The company's dedication to their clients, London and its growth and development is a rare find in such a competitive industry. I have truly been taken under Ana's wing, attending house viewings and learning about the’ behind the scenes’ processes of buying, selling and renting. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to make use of my creative and technological skills, expanding social media marketing and development, filming and creating tenant testimonials and broadcasting client’s experiences. 
    London has given me the push that I didn't know I needed and I can't wait to continue exploring and learning about this magnificent city. I am already picking up the English "slang" and humour, and hope that my remaining two months lead me to develop a British accent!

- Alyssa Woods, student at Queen's University, Canada

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If you live in London, you know that there is no time to be wasted...

My name is Eliza and I came to London almost 6 years ago.  I have a bachelor degree from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. 

I have been in Romania all my life up until that point and once I got my degree I decided to take a leap of faith and change my life completely. For everyone that knows me getting out of my comfort zone is not something I do often but encouraged by my best friend that was already there I bought a one way ticket to London and never looked back. 

Romania is an absolutely gorgeous country with kind and brilliant people, however it is not known for being cultural diverse - aprox 90% of people are Romanians. London on the other hand is the exact opposite of that. 

Being in London has opened my eyes and allowed me to meet people from all parts of the world. It made me understand more about different cultures, cuisines, customs and ultimately I think it made me understand myself better in the process. By the time I moved I had been studying English for 14 years so I thought that I had it all figured out or at least that things would be easier. How wrong I was, being in London has brought forward a lot more challenges and ultimately a sea of opportunities. Even though learning the language was not one of them, I shortly started setting goals that I wanted to achieve. For instance learning Portuguese was one of them. 

My first job that I had in London was with a Brazilian company, and I was the only one in the office that didn’t speak Portuguese at the time, so I was determined to change that. Learning to speak a new language was such a rewarding experience that  would have not happened hadn’t I decided to move and it has opened new doors for me. 

In December 2016, one of my good friends and colleagues recommended me for the position that opened for Your House London. I set up a meeting with the director and the following week I was ready to start my journey with the agency. I was able to present my set of skills while learning as much as I could about the room letting climate in London. 

This is the beauty of being in a city like London, just when you think you know what to expect, it surprises you. One thing that I have always said to myself as an encouragement when things got hard considering I am coming from a very small city in Romania was that I would rather "be a small fish in a big pond than being a big fish in a small one." This is exactly how I would describe London, endless possibilities and opportunities. I believe that my life fully started once I got here. I made some amazing friends, I have learned to operate in a professional environment and I have also learned how important time is.

If you live in London, you know that there is no time to be wasted. We work hard and we enjoy life even harder!

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Going abroad. Maria's story.

My name is Maria Fabregas, I am from Barcelona and I am 21 years old. I am currently in the third year of a Business and Management bachelor’s degree.

When I started the university, I thought about going abroad to do an Erasmus exchange just to have new experiences and to meet new people. But one day, someone at university told me about another opportunity of going abroad and having the same and even more good experiences. I have never listened about Erasmus internship programme but when I did, I completely knew that I was going to do it, instead of going abroad just to study. I think that this programme offers you the opportunity of going abroad, knowing new cultures, new different forms of working and meeting people around the world. So, six months ago I started to think about make my dream come true. I thought that London was the very best option because it’s one of the most important places when it comes to Business and it could offer me a big range of different opportunities. Furthermore, I wanted to improve my English so what’s better than doing a 100% language immersion?

When I started to make the applications, I got a little bit overwhelmed due to the huge number of different offers that I found. I knew that I would have to put all
my efforts, it was going to be difficult but not impossible. Not after so many interviews I had the luck of talking with Ana. I really wanted to be part of a company like hers, with the young and familiar spirit of a start-up, and Ana gave me the opportunity to start my adventure at Your House London during the three summer months. I started to prepare all the stuff that I need to arrive to London with my best friend, who was coming under the same programme to another company. I spoke to Ana to get an accommodation for me and my friend and she recommended me a very nice and big house. It is situated near the Greenwich area which is a very nice connected area with green parks and all kind of stores you could need.

I arrived in London only three days ago and I can’t wait to discover all the amazing places that this city has to offer. I live in a big city so I am used to long distances and crowded places but London plays in another league. All I can say is that I am completely amazed and thankful of being here.

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