Lou's story in London


Hi, my name is Lou, I am 20 years old and I live in a little village around Paris in France. I am a third-year student at IPAG Business School in Paris and during this year I have to both study and carry out an internship in a foreign country to complete my year. So, I am back from Barcelona where I spent 5 months at EAE Business School with Erasmus students. Spain was a first amazing experience of living abroad by meeting new people, getting to know another culture, working in a different way, improving languages…! I was very happy with this opportunity and I am even happier of doing this again in London for my internship at YourHouseLondon. Today is my first day and I will be working here for 4 months, from February to June 2020.

I am staying in a flat in Notting Hill with a friend from my school and 3 other flatmates. I only arrived 2 days ago in this huge city and I already noticed how nice and helpful people are here! It feels really good to live in a city like this and it makes it less scary to be abroad for this time length.

Why did I choose London?

I chose to do my internship in London because I had only been there twice for very short periods of 2 and 3 days, but they were amazing days and I did not have the time to see and visit everything that I wanted, so, I had already decided a long time ago that I would come back to spend more time here. Now that it’s done, I can say that London is a very dynamic city with so many activities to do like cruises on the River Thames, many monuments and parks to see, museums to visit, beautiful streets to walk in… I think London is a city where you can never get bored! I can only recommend you to visit this city if you haven’t done it yet, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks to this opportunity, I will have the time to visit everything that I need to visit in London, maybe visit other cities in the country and of course this internship will allow me to have a first experience in Real estate and also improve my English skills.

I can't wait to see what this experience holds for me!



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