How can I make my reservation?


You have to pay the deposit of £400/room in order to secure your place (refundable). Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a completed application form and are only guaranteed when payment has been cleared through our bank. Payments must be made in full before the commencement of the accommodation. YHL reserves the right to cancel a booking for which payment has not been received until the 2 hours before arrival date.


Can I pay my rent with my international account? Or can I pay by international transfer?


Yes, but please be aware that your bank will charge you a transaction fee. You have to make sure you are paying the full amount of your rent plus any other tax. From ABROAD we offer different options to do payments from ABROAD, normally is a link with TRANFERWISE.


How much should I pay for the deposit?


Our deposit corresponds to £400.


When do I get my deposit back?


Your deposit is protected by TDS. You will receive until 1 week after you leave the property directly in your bank account.


Do you have any administration fees? How much do you charge?


We charge an administration fee which will not be reimbursed after the end of your contract. It corresponds to a £150.


What happens if I want to leave the property before the end of my contract?


You will be breaching the tenancy agreement if you intent to leave the property before the end of your contract. In this case, you will lose your deposit and also you will need to pay rent until the end of your contract unless you reach an agreement with our sales team. YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO GIVE US 1 MONTH PERIOD NOTICE and pay until the end of your contract.


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